Three Hundred and Fifty More Hosting Ideas

You may not have stopped to consider just how many things you can use your web space for. As you read on you’ll see just how productive your web hosting space can be.

Recently Asporea launched a CPANEL hosting service which has bundled over 350 different software scripts our customers can install for free.  Everything from survey tools, to blogs. From Project Management tools to Learning environments, Softaculous and CPanel makes finding and installing free productivity software easy.

Unlike other auto installers Softaculous is much faster.  The design of the software means that every software script can be installed in just one step.  Add the required information, press install and the software is loaded into your hosting environment, ready to use in seconds.

So whether you want to install blog software like Jooma or WordPress, or build an online store with Magento or Prestashop, you’ve got everything you need to start your enterprise.  The question is, what will you build?

The reason we have extended our hosting offering with Softactulous is we wanted to make it easy for our customers to build their own applications, and keep them secure.  One big benefit of using Softaculous was the ability to auto-update the software whenever patches are released, which is critical for our customer’s security.

Ultimately it means that our customers can stay focused on their business, while our hosting services look after the rest.

Asporea hosting plans start from a low $5.95 USD per month.


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