Asporea CDN super-fast browsing experience.

What if we could give you a faster website for $10?

We are passionate about making WordPress super-fast and reliable, afterall it’s one of the world’s most loved website platforms used by more than 50% of the world’s websites.

Asporea CDN edge servers locations are placed in areas of high demand, accelerated by Anycast routing and 100% solid state servers.  Every plan gives you access to our entire network, unlike other providers who want to charge you for extra locations.

We also include Origin Shield to protect your website from request overload. 

And it’s very easy to setup – simply tell us your URL and after provisioning we’ll give you instructions to setup. Most setups take less than five minutes.

We promise your site will be faster and more reliable with our cache, or your money back in the first 30 days.



Why do more customers choose Asporea CDN?

Solid State Data drives power our Edge Nodes

We use the fastest storage to give you the best performance from over 150 locations worldwide, including China.

No lock-in contracts

Stay for as long as you like, or leave fast with our pay-by-the month flat-rate CDN plans. Save money and remain flexible.

Make your website, faster and more reliable almost immediately

Order your CDN and as soon as it's provisioned we'll start serving your distributed content across all our edge servers almost immediately.

We include DDoS and website protection as standard

Protect your website from website threats and denial-of-service attacks by distributing your files globally.

Reliability is at the heart of our promise to you

We use a double-layer of caching supported by the world's largest providers to deliver you high performance reliable delivery of your content.

Premier support

Although our service is mostly set-and-forget we're here to help you if something goes wrong. Just give us a call or send an email.

How Asporea CDN works

Asporea CDN delivers content for millions of website and protects them at the same time. It works by delivering your website content to users from a server that is closest to them, rather than them travelling across the internet to your individual website. The result is that your website becomes fast and reliable – loading faster and not delayed by traffic conditions over the internet.

Best of all you can setup a CDN in less than five minutes.  You can keep your existing hosting provider and no code-changes are required.  We give you all the instructions you’ll need.

We love to keep things simple

Make the choice to speed up your website today, totally risk free. Click the button and tell us your website, we’ll respond with your CDN link and setup instructions.

If you’re not entirely happy we will give you a full refund in the first 30-days.

Asporea CDN

One website per month
$ 10
  • CDN service for one website
  • Unlimited traffic
  • DDoS and Website protection
  • Super fast content delivery

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