Smart Asporea VPS Hosting

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Choose where your Virtual Private Server is located.

Asporea Virtual Private Servers can be hosted in San Francisco, Toronto, New York, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Bangalore or Singapore.

A Virtual Private Server from Asporea gives you  flexibility to store your website data on server space that looks like a standalone web server.

Virtual Private Server (or VPS for short) is a web hosting server, with it’s own dedicated processors, RAM, disk space and traffic allocation.  The difference between a Virtual Private Server and a Dedicated server is that your VPS is part of a bigger server system rather than on an individual server.

Tell me how a Virtual Private Hosting server setup works.

A VPS uses special virtualisation technology to divide powerful servers into several virtual servers.  It is essentially one big server divided up into multiple smaller virtual servers.

With a VPS your physical server is shared, but your content is private. The resources like disk space, ram and processing power is allocated to you and only you can use it.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Private Server over Shared Hosting?

First of all Virtual Private Servers guarantee a particular level of performance – because you have your own resources, you can use up to the maximum.  You also won’t be impacted by another user on the server hogging resources.

A VPS will also give you better security as your websites are stored in your own isolated server space. What happens on your neighbour’s Virtual Private Server will not impact you.

You also have full control over your server. That means you can power off your Virtual Private server at any time, and you have complete root level access.

A virtual private server gives you the advantage of dedicated server performance without the overheads and risk of having your own dedicated server.