Moving Your Site To Asporea

We can migrate your existing WordPress site from your existing cPanel host to Asporea for free.  Here’s how it works.

Complete our secure migration form

If you don’t already have an Asporea account click this button and complete registration.

Then, fill out this simple form which gives us the info we need to move your WordPress site for you.

We'll make a copy of your site

We’ll log in to your WordPress site and download a copy of it.

(Your site will keep running until we’re ready to migrate)

We move the copy to Asporea

We will move a copy of your site to a staging (demo) server so you can make sure everything is working properly before we make it live.

Only you can see this copy of the site, while you make your checks.

Choose a plan

Once you’re happy with your site on Asporea, choose a payment plan for your site and we’ll turn it on!

If you are a developer working with a client, you can transfer billing to them, so you don’t have to worry about their credit card info.

Order Website Migration

Our migration team are here to help. Fill in the form and we’ll make a plan to help you move.

More questions?

Here are some of the common questions we get asked about site migrations.

We handle all migrations internally at Asporea so it’s being moved by someone with many years of WordPress development and hosting experience.  We do not use third-party migration services so you can trust your site is in the hands of experts If you have any questions at all, our support team are here to help.

We can increase your site performance in nearly all cases. The reason why we migrate your site for free is so that you can compare this speed and performance with your present host.  If you’re happy with the performance then you choose a plan and you’re away.

Most migrations are completed within 24 hours, however more complex sites may take a little longer.  If you need a migration completed faster, you can select  “Fast Migration” when completing the site migration form. Fast Migrations cost $55, and will be migrated within 8 business hours.

No, your site will stay up! We move a copy of your WordPress site to Asporea and put it on a temporary domain for you to review. When you’re ready you can repoint your domain and you’ll only have to wait for the DNS records to propagate. During the process, your website visitors may see your site on your old server or the new one but they should never experience an outage.

Absolutely! We know moving all of your WordPress sites from one host to another can be difficult, but we have a process for smooth ‘group migrations’, so we can easily transfer your sites over to Asporea on a schedule that works for you and your clients. Even if you send over 50 or 100 sites, we’ll move them (at no extra cost to you!) Just fill out the form and we’ll do the rest.

Manual migration is a service we provide when we cannot automatically migrate your WordPress website from your existing website. We can perform a manual migration when you have an extract of your WordPress files and WordPress database available to be set up on our servers, or the servers of another hosting provider you choose.

Because this is not an automated process and requires a significant amount of effort, fees are chargeable for this service.  We estimate allowing a minimum of 5 hours of effort for manual migration of your WordPress website.