We build plugins to make your site work better.

WordPress is a highly flexible platform – and plugins allow you create new site features that don’t already exist. 

We can work with you to design and develop beautiful bespoke plugins that will make your business work better, engage your customers and increase your bottom line.

For as little as a few hundred  dollars we can improve even the most complex plugins and make them work the way you need them to.

We can also audit your website to identify new features and plugins that will help drive more traffic and increase your online business revenues.

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Our plugin design process.

We pride ourselves on a development process that is simple and straightforward.
From start to completion can be as little as a few days.

Understand your needs

Our development process starts with a conversation - to understand your business and the technical requirements.

Agree scope of work

We send you a written statement of work with costings for your approval. This ensures we understand you correctly.

Our coder starts work

We build secure plugin code according to industry standards and return the product to you for evaluation.

We implement your code

Once you're happy, we will implement the new plugin for you, or give you instructions on how to add the plugin to your site.

Our recent plugin work.

We extended the Woocommerce Memberships plugin with new features to allow institution-wide access to a client website from a restricted range of IP addresses, using a single membership. The plugin allowed all students of a university to access website content, without having to setup individual memberships for each student, saving effort and overhead for our clients.

We extended Mailwizz and Premise functionality to allow the Premise membership plugin to connect and subscribe new members to a defined email list in Mailwizz, after sign-up. This plugin merged the functionality of Premise with Mailwizz. 

We built a custom system and plugin to create unique Astrological charts for website members, based on date and time of birth, and birth location. These charts were then generated on screen and embedded into website posts using shortcodes.

We extended Contact Form 7 with a plugin that provided an Ajax upload feature, allowing multiple files to be uploaded before being sent by email to the website owner.

We build our own plugins to connect our WordPress Clients with our Asporea CDN service. The plugin restricts CDN access with a unique code per site. The plugin also allows users to define what files they’d like cached and the functionality to trigger a cache-purge on demand.

We built a simple plugin for a prominent astrology website, to calculate and lookup a person’s Chinese zodiac sign, using date of birth data entered by the user.

We built a WP GDPR add-on for bbPress, to ensure that bbPress user data was being captured in WP GDPR reports.

We built a WP GDPR add-on for Premise to ensure that user data from the Premise membership plugin is being captured in WP GDPR reports.

We built a plugin to support Toolset Views to map WP Views Content Templates to WordPress post categories. 

We also repair and improve existing plugins.

Sometimes a plugin stops working, or it doesn’t work the way you want. We can help with that too.

Sometimes you don’t need to build a WordPress plugin from scratch. You can take an existing plugin and add the new features you need with an add-on. 

By  building an add-on we reduce the time required to get the functions you need. Our customers find this saves them time and money in terms of development and ongoing maintenance of plugin code.

WordPress Plugins and add-ons are really only limited by your imagination. Here are all the different ways we can help you with your WordPress plugins development.


Plugin Development

We build WordPress plugins from scratch, to add a unique functionality to your WordPress website, or sell as products to your customers.

Plugin Customisation

We can fix, modify or create new functions in existing plugins to improve how they work.

Plugin Integration

We can add payment gateways or use APIs to connect plugins and share data so that your WordPress site works the way you need it to.

Plugin Addon Developement

We can extend existing Plugins with Addons and Extensions which extend functionality while neatly fittting into your current WordPress architecture.

Plugin Compatibility Fixes

When you have an incompatibility with a plugin, or you get stuck after an upgrade we can help you find a solution quickly.

Plugin Installation and Configuration

We work with the most complex WordPress plugins so we can help you install and configure them according to your requirements.

We also build plugins for developers.

WordPress developers and builders lean on our expertise to deliver new functionality for their clients.

Using Asporea’s plugin development team can save you time, and money by delivering new plugins and functionality on-time and budget.

Use us to extend your own development capabilities, by allowing us to work side-by-side with you on your next development project.