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Your domain name is how people find your website, so finding the right name is important. It you don’t have a name on your mind, take your time, consider all the options. We have a great range of domains available, and we’re not big enough that we’re impersonal. We’re here to help you get online, so browse the options and chat to us if we can help.

Domains are best when they’re easy to spell, and easy to remember.  Think of your domain name as your brand and your reputation.  Don’t confuse people with a name that is too fancy as it may confuse people.

Domain names are unique to you – just like your street address. If you want a name that really stands out, then look through all the domain name extensions. The original ones are .com and .net, but what about .co, .xyz or .guru.  With more names being released each year, there’s always an opportunity to pick up a new name that could be perfect for you.

Our support team can help you if you get stuck choosing a domain name. We work with domain names every day, so we can give you our opinion on what we think works. We may also be able to steer you in a direction you may not have considered.

A domain name is what a web visitor enters into their browser to find your website.  Before domain names each website had it’s own IP address, but domain names came about because they were much easier to remember.  Your domain name represents your website’s IP address – they are stored together along with every other website on the net.

When you purchase a domain name, it must be connected to a web server for it to work. Your domain name can be used to point to a website or an email server, so you can send emails from that domain.

You can also hold on to your domain name as an investment and sell it later. A domain name you are not using may be valuable to someone else, so you could set up a website inviting people to buy it. You may buy a domain name simply to prevent someone from registering it. For example you might buy it to stop someone else using your brand name. You may also just choose to hold on to it. You may have a need for it in the future.

Yes, you can register as many domain names as you wish, so long as you meet the criteria of each registrar. Some registrars have specific criteria for registering their domain names – for example you might need to be a business to register certain types of names, or be a resident of a particular country or region.