Why Your WordPress Maintenance Plan is Critical

You might agree with me that WordPress is a cheap and simple way of setting up a new website. But just because you’ve saved a bundle on your WordPress website doesn’t mean job done.

Owning a blog is a bit like owning a home. You don’t move in, dump your stuff and forget about it. Your home needs to be tidied, maintained and refreshed to keep it presentable. It’s just the same with your blog – your home on the web.

A well-maintained site is like locking the doors.

There are vandals on the internet – they’re called hackers. They get pleasure from hacking into websites and making a mess. They can hide malicious code called ‘malware’ on your site so that people who visit get infected. Malware has been responsible for people losing personal information, bank details or even their whole identity. You may have heard of this type of thing before, but I bet you didn’t think you could be the cause of it.

Even if you don’t care about security, your neighbours do.

WordPress sites sit on a web server with other websites. Once a hacker exploits your site they can often leap-frog to other sites on your server. It’s a bit a burglar getting in through an open window. Once an intruder gets in, they can access every room in your house.

It’s all about time… or money (but not a lot of money).

Maintaining your website requires regular effort. Your WordPress installation always needs to be updated to the latest version. Releases can come out several times a month. Your plugins and themes also need to be updated, because the changes made often remove ways for hackers to get into your site.

Outdated software is a huge problem on the internet, but WordPress makes updates simple to do. You will get update reminders each time you log in.

If you don’t have the time, then you can always hire us to help you with it. Our experts can maintain your site, back it up and help fix problems when they come up.

This service is always useful for people who don’t log in to WordPress regularly – because they’re too busy running their business.

Buying a WordPress Maintenance plan is like hiring a security guard to protect your property. Why not consider investing in Asporea’s WordPress Protection Plan for your WordPress site.

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