Emerging Web Design Trends in 2019

Now a month in to 2019 we are starting to see some emerging trends for web design. Many clients are looking for updates and upgrades. The underlying development tools have changed recently and they’re starting to have an impact on how people see your web presence. Here is what you will see being implemented in 2019.

Everyone knows that websites play a critical role in growing your customer base, generating leads, selling product and even order fulfillment when you sell electronic products. For years now people have been talking about ‘frictionless’ design. Simply put, it’s about removing barriers to those things people want to do.

Already websites should be keeping up with these trends. These include dynamic contact forms that reshape depending on the type of inquiry. Responsive mobile design for ease of viewing on a mobile phone is now essential. It could be a sales process that reduces the number of fields required during checkout. It could be a streamlined payment or customer service approach that includes self help. People not keeping up are already a way behind the curve.

Here are the things we are seeing that could change the look of your site, improve experience, and deliver you better outcomes. But only if they’re implemented well.

Simple, Clean Design

Whether you’re having a development team build your website, or you’re building it yourself using an online builder like Weebly or Wix you’ll want to investigate a minimalist design. Old websites were jammed full of widgets and features. This year, you’re going to see less of that. Less design elements. Bulky web pages take longer to load and can actually distract visitors from what you want them to do.

We’re seeing a lot more white space to allow people to read the small amount of text you’ve carefully written. Wordy copy is now being reviewed multiple times to deliver the same meaning with less words. Bright colours are also in, accompanied by simple two dimensional illustrations that convey meaning.

Web Designers are giving more consideration to the visitor journey. Sometimes spreading content over several pages, that would have previously been jammed into one.

The effort behind this new design approach delivers clear, uncluttered web pages that are easy to navigate and have a clear purpose. Importantly they load faster, which reduces bounce rates and increases clicks on your important call to action buttons.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs perform like video, holding the visitors attention more than an image would.

Whether you love Animated GIFs or gag everytime you see them on a page, probably depends on what decade you were born. The emerging group of internet users – those who spend the most time and disposable income – on the internet, have lower attention spans. Web design needs to work harder at holding their attention. Attention is held with web designs that use animated pictures that deliver a message.

Animated GIFs perform like video, holding the visitors attention more than a static image. They have the dual purpose of keeping visitors entertained, while delivering an idea or emotion in a summary form. GIFs are fast to load and are compatible with all browsers and platforms including mobile devices, which are increasingly becoming the most important device to plan your site for.

Chatbot and AI-enabled customer support

Customer support and access to real people has always been an important component of good online operations. It is now impacting how web design unfolds. The existing focus on self-help tools has transformed into chatbots that deliver customer service for you. And it is a feature now sets websites apart from the competition.

Chatbots in particular give your visitors a focus point to ask questions and get directions. They should be able to answer 80% of the simple questions. Things like, where do I find your most recent widget, how much does X cost, where can I get a quote, how long does it take to.

chatbots can be programmed easily to hand-off enquiries when the questions get too hard, so your website visitors are never far away from a real person.

Even businesses with limited resources can deploy chatbot services from third-party providers that will give you a chatbot presence, and encourage your visitors to interact with ‘you’. These chatbots can be programmed easily to hand-off enquiries when the questions get too hard, so your website visitors are never far away from a real person.

Businesses deploying chatbots find their support costs reducing. Chatbots handle the bulk of simple questions. Team members can then focus on the more challenging issues. Brand affinity strengthens too, as customers feel comfort in being able to reach your business easily.

Many of these features are relatively easy to implement. We are here to help. Talk to our development team about your requirements. We’d can guide you to find the right web design solutions. Solutions that will grow revenues and improve your customer satisfaction.

We look forward to chatting with you soon.

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