How to Generate More Sales with a Responsive Website

Responsive Web Design is a commonplace term to describe websites that adapt their display based on different devices and platforms. These days a responsive website is an essential part of being on the web.

If you’re reading this article on our website at then you are using a responsive website. Responsive websites smartly adapt their display style based on the device your site is being viewed on. This means that the page you are viewing could be quite different on a desktop computer, compared to a user’s experience on a smartphone.

Responsive websites accommodate for things like image size, resolution and functionality, ensuring that the experience is fluid for the user.  What it means from a development perspective is that your site does not require a specific mobile version and a desktop version.

These days, more than fifty percent of web traffic comes from smart devices. by people on the move – that’s the reason that every website must be optimised to work on these mobile devices. This not only makes your website more accessible on these smaller mobile devices, it has become a necessity for Search Engine optimisation as well.

Google now reduces the search engine position for websites that do not have a mobile-friendly interface.  If you use Google Webmaster tools, you’ll find an option to review your site as Google and get a score based on how responsive your website is.  If you have a low score, you should not expect your Search Engine results to improve any time soon.  In fact, your search results may actually start to decline.

If your business is about generating sales or sales leads then a responsive website helps your visitors to get the information they need quickly.  It means that potential customers don’t need to zoom and scroll to see your website content, as it will automatically adjust to their screen size, no matter the device.  A Responsive website creates a more ‘frictionless’ pathway to the checkout or enquiry page meaning your customer doesn’t get interrupted by bad design, or miss an important call to action button just because they are on a smaller resolution screen.

If you have an existing website on WordPress, it can simply be updated to a new responsive theme.  Talk to our experienced team today about how we can help you generate more sales and leads with a Responsive WordPress website.

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