How to do SEO

Thanks to Google and it’s leadership SEO is no longer a mystery.  It has taken SEO out of the hands of the self-proclaimed experts, with their cult-like language and nearly miraculous promises of keyword ratings.

Google has become the sense-maker once again.

You see the old world of SEO is dead and gone and it’s up to us who are left standing to make sense of the new world it has created in it’s place.

Google has taken away the manipulation of its search results and instead proclaimed that web users should “make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.”

This means that Google has made content ‘king’ once again.  The days of scamming search engine positions by tricking the Google robots are over.  Instead google says that the key is to “create a useful, information-rich website and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.”

Our series on Pillar content is key here.  To be successful you need to produce content that people love, that they find useful and want to distribute; sharing with their friends via social media, quoting in their own blog posts and emailing to their friends.

So the answer is simple… create good content and Google will reward you with a better placement.

Keep following our series on evergreen ‘pillar’ content for more tips and tricks on how to write compelling content.


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