But it’s just a simple change!

“It’s a simple change, surely it can’t be that difficult!” If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve worked with web developers who are not giving you what you want.  Seemingly simple requests are met with long timeframes, expensive quotes or long complicated reasons why things can’t be done the way you want them to. You […]

Three Hundred and Fifty More Hosting Ideas

You may not have stopped to consider just how many things you can use your web space for. As you read on you’ll see just how productive your web hosting space can be. Recently Asporea launched a CPANEL hosting service which has bundled over 350 different software scripts our customers can install for free.  Everything […]

Caching Woes – Browser not allowing login with caching

So you’ve just installed the WP SUPER CACHE plugin and now you’re finding that in Chrome and / or Firefoxbrowsers users cannot login.  Your behaviour might look something like returning to the home page.  If you have error logs, you can see that users have the right credentials (i.e. they are logging in with the […]

How to build a better WordPress site

James Williams from Asporea explains how you can build your own valuable website using WordPress that will continue to attract visitors 365 days a year. You can have a great WordPress site Some websites are brilliant at attracting visitors and keeping them coming back each day for new content.  For some people having a high-performing website […]

How to do SEO

The answer is simple… create good content and Google will reward you with a better placement.