How to Protect Yourself from Domain Hijacking

Like other forms of identity-based crime, domain hijacking generally involves someone tricking a domain registrar into giving them access to your registered domain and transferring ownership to themselves.

I’ve got a Domain Name, What’s Next?

Having your own domain name is the first step to having your own identity on the internet.  It you have bought a domain name, but you’re confused about the next steps – let’s get you sorted out!

What I Learned From Being Hacked

Hackers go for an weak and easy target. They search for security holes that can be easily exploited. They often share information with each other about security vulnerabilities, and then write automated scripts to go out in search of people who haven’t patched the holes.

How to do WordPress Maintenance

Like most things, your site is not set and forget – not only do you need to create content – you need to ensure that it’s properly maintained.