WordPress Protection Plan Terms and Conditions


Asporea WordPress Protection Plan provides the peace of mind of regular managed site, theme and plugin updates and daily backups. Plugins are updated and tested on a staging website before being applied to your live site.


  1. Your WordPress Protection plan covers a defined number of single WordPress installations.
  2. WordPress Protection Plan does not cover Multisite installations.
  3. Asporea management tools must be installed on your server to deliver this service. You will need to provide our technicians a login with Administrator privileges to enable this service.
  4. Your plan includes updates to core and contributed plugins and modules, as long as there are updates available. Where plugins have an automatic upgrade path between versions we will provide those updates without additional charge.
  5. If there is a release that requires manual intervention to complete the upgrade, this work will be chargeable.
  6. WordPress Protection Plan does not cover updates to plugins that have been customised – these updates will require chargeable hours.
  7. WordPress updates are prioritised according to security risk. If a plugin update fixes a vulnerability on your site, then it will be prioritised for update. If we determine that your site is not vulnerable, we may not immediately make the update. However, we do eventually apply all automatic updates that do not break website functionality.
  8. Updates are applied to a staging website before being applied to production, at no extra charge.
  9. Updates that break functionality on the site may be rolled back to earlier versions, unless they fix a vulnerability in your site. If an update is required that breaks functionality on your site, you may choose to have the plugin disabled or have a developer fix the plugin at standard rates.