When you need to build a WordPress site. Pronto.

We have the ability to ‘flex’ when it comes to planning, designing and developing your new WordPress website.  If you are organised and ready to go, then we can work with you virtually (at the same time) to complete your project.  You get to see the results of your WordPress site as we’re making it and make suggestions and improvements along the way.

It’s a methodology that the industry calls “Agile” and it’s used because it gets results fast, and feedback often through the development lifecycle.  What it means is that you get a site quickly, that meets your needs.

Web Design Online Technology Working Office Concept

Rapid Application development blocks of 6 hours are available.  Our WordPress developer will work with you via online tools like Skype to check-in with you on various parts of the project.  You can literally watch your WordPress site ‘take shape’ before your very eyes.

It’s a fun way to develop, and it makes you feel involved in the process.  We know it doesn’t suit everyone, but if you’ve got a keen eye and ‘know’ how your website should look and behave, then consider this option for your next project.

Installation Services

With our Basic WordPress Installation Service, Asporea Consulting will install WordPress on your domain and get it ready for you to start adding content.

WordPress – $99
WordPress Multisite – $139
WordPress & BuddyPress – $189
WP Multisite & BuddyPress – $239

Rapid Application Development

With our unique rapid application development service, you can get the benefits of a developer on-tap. Buy development time in bulk blocks of 6 hours or more and save money. Useable for any WordPress support, training or development talk and available for purchase right now on the website. Work schedule to existing development schedule.

Customised WordPress

Whether you are looking to design a business website, a learning network or a membership website, this package allows the freedom to design according to your specific needs.

Our custom WordPress installation and design services start at $2,500. To capture your requirements more fully, so that we can give you a detailed proposal, please complete our Project Estimate form.

WordPress + Woocommerce

We build beautiful WooCommerce stores. Customized online stores start at $2,500. The art of selling online is building customer confidence, and we know how to do just that. Woocommerce allows you to sell physical products, subscriptions, or digital products like services, software, e-books, WordPress themes and plugins or music. Whether you are shipping products across the city, or across the globe, our scaleable Woocommerce solutions (built on the WordPress engine) have all the features you need to deliver an awesome customer service experience to your customers. If you have something to sell we can help you sell it online. Talk to us about your project for a more detailed work proposal and estimate.

Ultimate Blog Design Package $1299

We use all our experience in web design to create a comprehensive Blog Design package at a great price.  The package is based on customer feedback and includes all the features you’d typically need for a custom-designed, professional and unique blog.

Your blog will be powered by the amazingly popular WordPress platform.


What is included?
  • Powered by WordPress
  • Free hosting for the first year, unlimited pages and articles
  • Categorisation of your posts for easy grouping
  • Add media like photos, videos, podcasts or pdf files
  • Extensable using WordPress plugins
  • We style to your company brand (or we can find a designer to help you with this)
  • Stylish stock photography
  • Suitable with all major browsers
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Connects to social media
  • Professionally designed theme
  • Optimal content layout
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Great server performance
  • A contact page that emails you results
  • Work with a professional designer
  • Training and support

Responsive Design

A sharp, crisp responsive design means that your site will look great on every device – laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet.

WordPress Powered

The Blog Design Package delivers you power, performance and flexibility with WordPress; a global standard in blog publishing. WordPress’ flexibility allows you to design your blog to look unique with world class features.

Custom Look

The Blog Design Package will deliver you a unique design that complements your brand and content.

Made to Share

Audience matters, that’s why we deliver social sharing tools, newsletter subscription and SEO as standard.

Let's Talk!

If you have questions about the package or would like to order the Ultimate Blog Design Package, please get in contact.  To get started click the button below.

All prices are quoted in US Dollars