Should I choose a Digital Agency or Web Designer?

As your business and website need grows, you may find you outgrow your designer. Maybe your designer was great while you knew what you needed. Eventually, over time, your site starts to outgrow your ability, and you need the expertise to take your next steps.

That’s where partnering with a web agency can be better for you than just a web designer.

Web design companies are great at building you great websites, and enhancing them, but what if they’re good at code, but not so great at other aspects of digital marketing or Search Engine Optimisation.  Maybe you’ve spread your options out, and you have different teams looking after your design, your hosting, marketing and lead generation.

You may be reading this thinking “I know I need to do something different, but I’m not sure what my next steps should be.”

You may be tempted to go bigger. Perhaps you need to look for a web design company rather than a web designer, but will that answer the questions you have?

Searching for a digital agency or a web design agency might be the answer. Having one agency to coordinate all your web related and marketing activities

So, you are at the point where you know you need a new partner to handle the direction of your website. You and your business are growing. So, it’s about time that your website and other marketing platforms start to get in line.

So what’s the difference between a digital design agency and a web designer?  It’s about the level of service, and this can be seen in the types of questions that area asked.  We web design company will ask you what you want, they don’t discuss your business. They are order takers. They will deliver a good design, but they will leave the strategy to you.

An agency will delve into your business. They’ll want to know about your goals, they’ll talk a lot about content, and they’ll devise complete plans for helping you achieve your goals. Often you’ll find the relationship is more like a partnership, where the agency will proactively call you to talk about new options they’ve devised for other clients that you may benefit from.

Digital agencies have the knowledge and capability to do many things well. They have creative people that bring design, branding and strategy together and they have all the people they need to be able to execute to a high standard.

The team will be under one roof, collaborating with each other on projects. The control they bring to projects means that delivery is swift.

If your site is not high budget, then you may be better off working with a web designer. If your results count and your business strategically relies on your website, then a design agency may be a more prudent choice.

If you’re looking to expand your business strategically with digital, and that is a critical part of your plan, then you should consider partnering with a digital agency.