How a Content Manager Keeps WordPress Organized

If your website is content rich, or you have multiple contributors, or your website is expanding with content, then there’s a good chance you’ll need to hire a content manager. Every website has different types of content – there’s some that doesn’t expire (called evergreen content) and some that’s time sensitive (like announcements or other time-sensitive information).

A good content manager is responsible for keeping track of your content and ensuring that all your content remains relevant, fresh and up-to-date. As you review your website content, if you have posts that are stale or not current then you probably need the services of a content manager.

A content manager is someone you can put in charge of day-to-day content operations. This means they should be able to manage to upload your content, editing images, tracking your website metrics and making sure your content is always in tip-top condition.

The role of a content manager is different from other technical resources or a webmaster because they don’t necessarily need to have the backend coding or database management skills required to manage your server or databases.

Even simple website content changes can and should be made by your content manager. Things like updating your telephone number or business address is an example of a task you should give to a content management expert because it’s their job to ensure it is updated everywhere it is present on your site.

The type of person you’d like to have in this role is someone who is detail oriented, responsible and proactive. They will have their finger on the pulse and keeps track of everything. They will often be great with a spreadsheet.  Also, they’ll have an eye for content presentation and writing. At a bare minimum, they will know where to find a good spellchecker or Grammarly to check content before it’s posted to your site.

Some of the best content managers I’ve come across are also exceptional process improvers.  If you have a large team, you want your processes to be as simple and effective as possible. There’s nothing worse than being a content creator and working with sites that have slow or cumbersome publishing processes. If you can find a person who can review and streamline what you’re doing, that’s a person I’d want on my publishing team!

In my opinion, your content manager must be naturally curious and love to read. An engaged content manager will not only enjoy reading and interact with your content, but they may even be able to suggest new topics for your writing. As a content creator, that type of engagement can be invaluable as you try to source new themes for your editorial calendar.

At Asporea, we can help you locate great Content Managers who can work alongside you to keep your content fresh. If you need assistance sourcing a good content manager to help you with your website the speak to us.

How to Write Content that Lasts

Whether you are a blogger who has heard of Evergreen content before, or it’s a new concept to you, understanding Evergreen content is one of the most valuable lessons content creators can learn.

Having unique content that is interesting for readers is a hallmark of a blog. Making content that stands the test of time is your ultimate goal. Evergreen content is content that remains valuable to users over the long term – it doesn’t date, the lessons remain relevant, and the wisdom remains intact.  This type of content is what keeps readers coming back to your blog to read your words and share them with their friends.

As you know, most content you will write is ‘time sensitive’ or topical, which means it gets stale the longer it stays on your site. Over time, visitors may overlook these topics unless you spend time refreshing them; making them current again. Evergreen content remains ‘fresh’ without the need for being refreshed because it contains lots of practical tips and advice that never age.

Evergreen content stays fresh forever

The long-term nature of Evergreen content means that it stays fresh forever, offering value to readers now and in the future. As more people become exposed to this content, they will like and link to it.  Over time this will increase your search engine ranks and drive more people to your website.

Creating good content is not easy. You need to source topics, find unique angles then write compelling content. While people write articles all the time, they don’t always think about how to get the best use from it. Evergreen content may take longer to plan and write, but if you’re getting more life from it, then it’s worth the extra effort.

Various types of Evergreen content

There are different types of Evergreen content on the web today:

How to articles are popular, and showcase your skills and experience.  Craft these pieces by finding a reliable topic of interest to your readers (you can often find this from comments, or even other blogs). Once you have your topic, brainstorm parallel themes which become different articles in themselves. For each of these subjects, craft a challenging question then provide a how-to answer. The deeper you can go, the more value you add to your reader.

Some sites like Copyblogger, go deep on only one or two parts of an answer. This allows the writer to position themselves as a subject matter expert without giving away all their knowledge. This style of writing leaves you with an option to either sell more of your expertise to those who need to learn more, write more on that subject later, or ask people to subscribe to get the rest of the answer in the form of a whitepaper, a checklist or an eBook.

Explanation articles provide background on a topic.  An explanation article is different from a how-to article because it defines a single issue in more depth.  It creates a deep dive on a single subject and the resulting document could be a white paper or an eBook.  You can find topics for definition articles by asking: “What do I get asked about most often?” When you find a problem, explain the subject in your words and unique style
Argument pieces help discussion around a particular theme.  I’ve seen many bloggers do this successfully, by being a bit contentious.  By presenting some unique thought or angle on the subject, you’ll get people to not only read your content but hopefully ‘engage’ with it as well.  If you pick the right topic, that’s not time-sensitive then you will have done your job well and presented some good pillar content that will stand the test of time and keep drawing people to your blog.

Reports, white papers and even templates can be useful Evergreen content.  Presenting industry knowledge sets you up as a subject matter expert, and you’ll find people come back for this content consistently. You could give this content for free or use it to entice sign up to a newsletter – the choice is yours.

How often should you write Evergreen content?

As you plan your editorial calendar, you should plan to write one piece of Evergreen content every month. Over time, the number of articles will grow.  Give away some of this content on your blog, and reserve some as autoresponder content or subscriber offers to add even more value.  By doing this, you will get the most value from your hard work.

So these are my thoughts but what are your tips for writing Evergreen content?  Have you found success with it?  How do you use your evergreen content?  Send me a comment below and let’s chat more about how to blog better.

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How to build a better WordPress site

James Williams from Asporea explains how you can build your own valuable website using WordPress that will continue to attract visitors 365 days a year.

You can have a great WordPress site

Some websites are brilliant at attracting visitors and keeping them coming back each day for new content.  For some people having a high-performing website is just a pipe-dream; they treat their WordPress site like a hobby, but it really doesn’t have to be that way.  A well-designed website, hosted on reliable servers with good SEO and strong pillar content are the four keys to your success.

Find a professional designer

Whether you’re building a WordPress site for business, for pleasure or for a hobby – you are building it for someone.  This person or people are called your audience.  Consider your audience when designing your site, because their opinion counts.  It matters what they think about your website, because the site is for them.  If it doesn’t provide tantalizing and engaging content, on a brilliant functional site  then they will not return.

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Don’t compromise on quality web hosting

Imagine a first date, you’ve got your best threads on, you’re groomed to perfection and then you turn up in your dodgy old pick-up truck.  That’s what it’s like when you’re create site and content are hosting on the wrong platform.  Your hosting provider must be able to support WordPress and serve it to visitors quickly.  If it doesn’t then you should be talking to us.

A fast reliable WordPress hosting platform is essential for your long-term success.  Without it, your visitors won’t think much of you and Google won’t bother to index your site.  More and more emphasis is being placed on site speed as a measure of index success in Google.  So you can be doing everything else right on your website, but if it doesn’t perform quickly then Google won’t rank it.

Spend some money on an SEO expert

It is true that you don’t need an expert to do SEO for you these days… but it helps.  An SEO expert has the skills and updated knowledge to expertly fine-tune your website for maximum hits.  Without good SEO, your site is more like a badly laid out supermarket.  Good SEO puts up signage in the aisles and starts to organise your content in a way that makes sense to readers and search engines… the result is a site that performs well in search engine rankings and delivers you more customers.  Recently we had a customer with an online store.  Over time their store which used to do well in Google, had been outranked by its competitors. A good dose of expert SEO and the sales started to return, double and triple what they had been in the past. All because customers could find them in search.

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Keep writing thought-provoking content

Writing good topical blog posts is good for your search engine rankings. The keywords and content will keep getting you listed. But there is a different type of content that you need to also plan and write.  Called Pillar content, this content is not time sensitive and it attracts the bulk of your visitors of specific key topics.

The reason why pillar content is so effective is that  good content is hard to come by.  People write articles all the time, but very few spend the time to really create that useful content that reads more like a ‘how to’ lesson than an opinion piece.

Keeping your website fast and fresh is key

The long term nature of pillar content means that it stays fresh forever, and offers real value to anyone who reads it.  Behind the scenes it will create back links to your blog which is useful for increasing the google ranking of your website.  Over time this will increase your ranking and drive more people to your website over time. Consider doing at least one pillar article every couple of months and over time you’ll find that you’ve generated some great topics that search engines will index and your readers will love you for.

Is Search Engine Optimisation for me?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of creating, redesigning or restructing web pages and whole sites so they can be discovered and read by search engines in the most efficient way.

SEO is important for every website owner because it helps website visitors find your site.

People may visit your website from an address printed on your business’ vehicle, business card or letterhead.  You may even have taken out Pay Per Click internet advertising, or a radio or TV commercial but the reach of these mediums is restricted to who sees your advertisement.  It’s quite inefficient.

The truth about your website is that many more people could be visiting through search engine results.   Search engines provide a free way for people to find your website when they have a need – just-in-time – but many websites are just not prepared in the right way.

This means that without quality SEO Services many people won’t know you exist… simply because your website content is not appearing in their search results.

When people type your product or service into the search engine your website needs to be at the top of the search results.

That’s in-part what SEO is about… it’s about matching the descriptions of your products and services with the way people think, so that when they use a search engine your results come up more often and higher in the search results.

Why you should engage an SEO expert

Every search engine works slightly differently and has specific rules about what they consider acceptable SEO techniques. These rules are used to block deliberate ‘gaming’ techniques and keep search results as pure as possible.

Engaging an expert will not only save you time, but ensure that your results will not land you in virtual ‘hot water’ with search engines which could result in your site becoming demoted in search results or banned altogether.

When can results be expected?

Search Engine Optimisation does take time to see results because Search engines reindex websites at their own pace.  But generally you will start to see results within the first 2-4 weeks including:

  1. Improved position in search engine results
  2. Removal or demotion of less important website pages
  3. Matching your products and services with regularly used search terms

Our team work hard with our clients to ensure that we are across and know best practice SEO techniques.  We are happy to share this knowledge with you and start improving your website results.

Our SEO team are always available for an obligation free discussion about how we can help you with your next project.

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