7 Things We Want to Know Before We Build Your Website

Before we start work on any project, we want to get to know you.

Every good web designer, will have a few key questions up their sleeve. Incisive questions. Ones that cut to the heart of the matter. Questions that will tell them everything they need to know about you, your industry and your business. Only when they know the answers to these questions they will be in a powerful position to understand what they should be building for you – in terms of a viable, productive, and profitable website. Here’s our top seven questions.

Describe what your business does?

The first question we ask our clients is “What does your business do?” We need to understand our clients business, the products and services they sell, how many employees they have, and their biggest challenges. We want to understand how that business operates and what they value.

Knowing this information tells us a lot about what features the website must have, how we can go above and beyond by solving business challenges, and importantly how our design will reflect their brand.

Do you already have a website?

Is it an important question? You bet it is. It can be the difference between a complete redesign or a touch-up. If we didn’t ask this question we could be costing our clients far more money than they need to spend.

From a design perspective, we love this question for another reason. It opens a conversation about what they love and hate about their existing site – and from our client’s perspective, what would make it better.

What are your business and website goals?

Knowing our client’s goals for the website allows us to satisfy their needs. Website goals are likely to be things like increase website sales leads, reduce the number of support calls, increase new product sales. But at Asporea we like to take it a step further. By asking about their business goals, as well as their website goals, we can get a picture of what they need now, and also anticipate what they may need in the future.

Thinking this way changes our perspective dramatically. Instead of being a web developer, our focus transforms into solution provider and business partner. We find that as we buy into our client’s vision of the future, we can work with them to build that future together.

Who do you want to attract?

Learning who your customer wants to visit their website, is a crucial piece of the design puzzle. In order to get results for our clients, we need to know all about the specific audiences, so that the site can be tailored with them in mind. Everything from pictures, language and the way content is written will depend on who is expected to read it. It directly influences the design.

What makes you unique?

We want to uncover our client’s Unique Selling Point (or USP). This is the thing that makes them stand out from the competition. When we know this, we can emphasise it throughout your website and make it stand out.

What is your unique selling point? Ours is wanting to look after our clients with the big and the small tasks – surprisingly this is something many design companies fail to do. We are experts at looking after orphaned customers who have been neglected on the little jobs that come after the big design work is finished.

Who are your top 3 competitors?

Who do we need to beat? That’s what we want to know. Marketing is all about getting a bigger slice of the pie, and that’s what we do best. We’ll design your website with your customer in mind, and help you create offers that are bigger and better than they’ll find anywhere else.

What website features do you need?

When clients come to us, they’ve often got an idea of what they want on their new site. Going beyond how the site looks, to how it works, and even imagining new functions that are quite unique to each customer. That’s the value we bring. Popular features could include sign-up bars to get email subscribers, links to your social media sites, videos that feature you and your business. All of these are powerful tools for building your brand and your followers, and it’s important to choose them wisely.

Template sites like WIX give you nice looking design, but really lack the insight into your business that a good web designer can bring. You can get all the features that are available in site builders like WIX and many more to give your design an edge beyond your competition.

Everything is fun, but not everything is useful. A good website developer can also be a great sounding boarding to ensure that you’re staying true to your goals. After all, your website is about getting your visitors to do something, right?

What are you going to do? Our developers are here to help you get more out of your website. Is it time? Maybe you’ve got a question or want to talk something through. We’re here to help. Just click and fill out some details and we’ll be happy to start a conversation with you about getting your site just right.

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