How a Content Manager Keeps WordPress Organized

At Asporea, we can help you locate great Content Managers who can work alongside you to keep your content fresh.
At Asporea, we can help you locate great Content Managers who can work alongside you to keep your content fresh.

If your website is content rich, or you have multiple contributors, or your website is expanding with content, then there’s a good chance you’ll need to hire a content manager. Every website has different types of content – there’s some that doesn’t expire (called evergreen content) and some that’s time sensitive (like announcements or other time-sensitive information).

A good content manager is responsible for keeping track of your content and ensuring that all your content remains relevant, fresh and up-to-date. As you review your website content, if you have posts that are stale or not current then you probably need the services of a content manager.

A content manager is someone you can put in charge of day-to-day content operations. This means they should be able to manage to upload your content, editing images, tracking your website metrics and making sure your content is always in tip-top condition.

The role of a content manager is different from other technical resources or a webmaster because they don’t necessarily need to have the backend coding or database management skills required to manage your server or databases.

Even simple website content changes can and should be made by your content manager. Things like updating your telephone number or business address is an example of a task you should give to a content management expert because it’s their job to ensure it is updated everywhere it is present on your site.

The type of person you’d like to have in this role is someone who is detail oriented, responsible and proactive. They will have their finger on the pulse and keeps track of everything. They will often be great with a spreadsheet.  Also, they’ll have an eye for content presentation and writing. At a bare minimum, they will know where to find a good spellchecker or Grammarly to check content before it’s posted to your site.

Some of the best content managers I’ve come across are also exceptional process improvers.  If you have a large team, you want your processes to be as simple and effective as possible. There’s nothing worse than being a content creator and working with sites that have slow or cumbersome publishing processes. If you can find a person who can review and streamline what you’re doing, that’s a person I’d want on my publishing team!

In my opinion, your content manager must be naturally curious and love to read. An engaged content manager will not only enjoy reading and interact with your content, but they may even be able to suggest new topics for your writing. As a content creator, that type of engagement can be invaluable as you try to source new themes for your editorial calendar.

At Asporea, we can help you locate great Content Managers who can work alongside you to keep your content fresh. If you need assistance sourcing a good content manager to help you with your website the speak to us.

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