How to Create Awesome Team Pages

Team pages help profile your team and build trust with website visitors. Team profile pages are particularly useful for professional services sites, where you deliver a service through people, rather than ship it as a product.

Even if you have an About page, the Team page can showcase the skills of your team and the projects they have worked on. For a reader who may not know your business well, this can inspire them and create confidence. For mid-sized companies, it can help website visitors understand how your business is structured and where to direct enquiries.

While anyone can post team information, there is a certain expectation about how this content is created and displayed You want to create a page that is well structured and easy to skim, especially if you have a large team. You also want to keep this information current to ensure old team members are removed and new team members are added when they join.

We will look at some plugins that will do this for you later, but first, let’s look at what you need to consider when preparing team profiles.

Profiles Should Cover Similar Topics

First, try to keep each profile a consistent length with similar information. Whether the style is formal or quirky, including vital information about background, experience and interests help customers relate to the people in your office. This can be done with a series of structured questions and a guide to answer length. A simple questionnaire can be circulated to team members by email to get the content flowing.

You may want to edit the responses to ensure that it is error-free and maintains a tone and style that is consistent with your brand image. If you are uncertain about this, sometimes a Communications consultant or a Marketing agency can help you with this.

Keep your Team Photos Consistent

Finally, choose great staff photos. Depending on your style, you could take selfies, candid or more professional shots. Whatever style you choose for your site, keep it consistent and repeatable. One tip here is to consider the size of your team and potential employee turnover – how much it will cost to get a professional photographer in each time for a new staff member? To solve this problem, maybe you have talent people in your office that can get a similar result with a smartphone.

Now laying out all this great content is your final task. Some sites already have team profile pages built in, but if not here are two great plugins we recommend you use to layout your team profiles neatly and professionally.

WordPress Plugins for Team Pages

Team works well on responsive websites in three different styles. Each team member has a picture and social profiles, and you can customise things like backgrounds and colours.

Team Members adds a team section to your WordPress Dashboard panel. You can add new members, with pictures, social profiles and descriptions and reorder them. Profiles are inserted into the page using a WordPress shortcode. This plugin is completely free, and there is no limitation to functionality

Building team profiles can be fun team exercise and builds pride and camaraderie. Have fun building your team profiles and let us know if we can help. Do you have a tip for making team pages, let us know in the comments below.

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